How to build rapport with real estate clients depends on learning essential people skills.

Since real estate sales is a “people business” the ability to learn “people skills” becomes vital. Sales and marketing mean working with clients directly and making them trust you. 

This blog post teaches you the basics of people skills. Every course about becoming a better salesperson emphasizes people’s skills. Learn them to become a successful real estate salesperson.  

How To Build Rapport With Real Estate Clients 

You only have a short time span to connect with potential clients. Especially when doing cold calling to strangers with limited attention. Time limitations require superb people skills. This blog post provides tips on improving your people skills while building rapport.

Definition of Rapport


Dictionaries define “rapport” as the ability to understand someone and communicate well with them. It also means sympathy or agreement between people.

In other words, good rapport with someone involves communicating with trust and sympathy.

In real estate, it means getting a potential client to connect with you within a limited time.


First Meeting Rapport


People tend to gather first impressions when meeting others for the first time. Such as asking themselves these types of questions:

  • What impresses you from a person on a first encounter?
  • How does he or she act?
  • How do they react?
  • What does their body language say?
  • What do you feel after hearing their interests?

Drawing conclusions and knowing the best way to approach them becomes a fast process within a matter of seconds. Great salespersons know how to do this by heart. Others develop this with time and experience.

Developing rapport quickly can be learned. Doing it correctly develops into a skill and a time saver towards success.


How to Become a People Person


Many people simply do not possess the skills of a “people person”.  

Knowing how to build rapport and making yourself accessible increases your chance of connecting with people faster. Think of yourself as a magnet drawing people towards you. You want them to like you, trust you, and connect with you.

How do you become a people person? Follow these suggestions:

  • It begins with an inviting (not aggressive) easy-going voice.
  • An authentic warm smile and asking open questions giving them room to rant and vent.
  • A good listener learns how to direct their ranting towards understanding how to present your sales pitch in a sympathetic manner.

For example, an FSBO rants about the frustration when engaging with potential buyers. A perfect opportunity to explain how you can relieve this frustration by exclusively dealing with all their potential buyers.

These techniques help with networking at events and seminars. Reach out to people with candidness and they respond by opening up to you.

Get out of your comfort zone and attend many events and seminars. Connect with potential investors, buyers, and sellers.


Develop Confidence


Building rapport with strangers increases your confidence.

Sure, it’s hard putting yourself out there meeting strangers. But, by knowing how to build rapport helps to develop your confidence in initiating conversations. While not melting away your fear of making mistakes, it puts you at ease.

Minimize making mistakes by knowing what you talk about. Even if you say something wrong, recognize the mistake, acknowledge it, and correct yourself. Potential clients will like you for it and trust you for acknowledging the mistake and correcting it. After all, we are all humans who make mistakes.

Becoming confident doesn’t suddenly happen. It takes time and practice by going out there and engaging strangers. The better you get at it the more self-confidence you gain.


Lengthy Conversations


In real estate sales, time is precious.

Take advantage of the time by building rapport with strangers. Your first conversation with a potential client requires learning their needs. Giving out your business card with assurances you can answer their questions soon creates a bridge for building rapport.

You don’t need to extend the first conversation into an hour. But, you need to speak with potential clients long enough to listen to their wants and needs and respond by how you can help them.

Take the time to ask many open-ended questions because a simple “yes” or “no” reply gets you nowhere.

Think of your first conversation as an “I want to know you”. Make sure they know you are listening. Render quick comments without interrupting their train of thoughts. The information you gather will help you get business moving.


Gaining Trust


The real estate sales business requires gaining trust as a form of transaction.

You must trust your clients and they must trust you. Building rapport leads to gaining trust. You are here to solve your clients’ problems. You can make the process of real estate transactions easier so they trust you.

It boils down to how you present yourself and your ideas in a timely manner. It may take a meeting and a few follow-ups call to accomplish this.

Gaining trust is not easy. However, it’s a skill you must learn through engaging strangers and building a good rapport.

Don’t worry about making mistakes early on. After all, practice makes perfect. Become the queen or king of rapport. Then, within a few minutes, you will know what your clients need.

Just like developing any skill, you must create a habit out of it. Sure, it takes time, But, once you develop the skill nothing can stop you from sales success.


Saving Time


How to build rapport with real estate clients depends upon learning people skills.

  • The recommendations provided here require extra time.
  • Going out to meet new people takes time.
  • Engaging them and conversing with them takes more time.
  • Researching solutions to their wants, needs, and answering their questions takes time too.

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