Real estate agents marketing ideas for 2019 success.

Approaching 2019, real estate agents should think about improving business. The following real estate agents marketing ideas to strengthen marketing efforts in 2019 include:

1. Use 3D Matterport Scans for all Real Estate Listings

You can market any type of real estate with the Matterport 3D camera. This system stitches together a three-dimension dollhouse of an entire house. Buyers literally fly through the home observing an accurate depiction of the rooms and space from anywhere.

Forbes calls this, “The most forward-thinking idea for marketing your real estate”. Real estate agents can hire Matterport photographers to assist them. Their 3D and VR technology ensure you stay way ahead of the curve with this high-tech tool.


2. Creating Content Providing Value

As a real estate agent, you focus on clients in the market to list or buy homes.

Also, think about the potential clients not fitting in these transactions. Simply posting listings do not arouse their interest.

Therefore, write blog posts, answer forum questions, and add information to your website regarding other topics that future clients find helpful. Over time, they remember you when it’s time to sell their homes or buy new ones.

Topics like home improvement tips, how to legally save money when paying taxes, highlighting local attractions and neighborhoods relate to everyone.


3. Upgrade Your Photo

Get some unbiased opinions about your photo as it appears on your website, blog, LinkedIn, forums, and social media channels. Too small? Not close-up enough? Could use higher quality? Need a new hairstyle? A current trendy tie or clothes needed?

Blurry, grainy, or hurried looking snaps don’t appear professional. How many times have you seen photos of a new home with grainy, blurry, or done in hurry photos? Didn’t they turn you off?

Just as high-quality photos enhance homes, the same applies to the online and advertising photos of yourself.

You don’t have to hire a professional photographer. Take the time to experiment with lighting, backgrounds, and better angles of yourself. Take a look at these smartphone photo tips to learn how to take better photos of yourself.      


4. Proactive Social Media Posts

Everyone uses social media channels to share their lives. As a real estate agent, do you grow and nurture your business on many social media channels? If no, make this a resolution for 2019. Meet new prospects online.

Don’t make the mistake of only posting your listings on social media channels. Unless a viewer is in the market for a new home, no value exists for the others. Use the value-rich content mentioned in step 2 above in your social media posts.

Actively post comments on social channels and forums. Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. Engage with new people on social media. Remember to always reply to comments others make about you.


5. Cleaning Your Database

Bad data waste all your efforts with creating content for conducting email and newsletter campaigns. Broken links and outdated ones lead to bounces, spam reports, and unsubscribes never making it to the inboxes you seek.

Updating and cleaning your database makes contacting clients easier. Your email deliverability and outreach to potential clients suffer from unclean databases.


6. Ask for Referrals

Nearly 90% of real estate agents say that referrals from past and current clients help their marketing efforts. Yet, only 40% of real estate agents spend money on asking for referrals. Don’t let this happen to you in 2019.

Creating a strategy to ask clients for referrals leads to success. Bear in mind, that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from their family and friends, according to this Nielsen ratings report.

Pass out your business cards to past and current clients and ask them to pass them onto their family and friends. If you made a good impression when serving them they will be happy to do so.


7. Follow-up with Clients

Real estate agents need to stay in touch with their past clients. Probably, most of them don’t buy or sell a home very often in their lives. But when it happens make sure they remember you when they need an agent. That’s why regularly sending out emails and newsletters pays off.

Remember, use valuable information meant to help rather than just to sell. Providing good helpful content and regularly reaching out to current and past clients most likely results in their remembering you when they need you most.

Inexpensive ways to reach out include picking up the phone to thank clients for their business and ask how their new move is working out. Do this a couple of days after they move in. With a small budget, you can send out birthday and holiday cards to connect in a way not associated with pure business.


8. Adding Live Chat to Your Site

Your website can increase business by providing live chat for visitors to engage with you. Live chat makes an effective marketing tool by increasing conversions on websites. Site visitors use live chat to ask questions and receive real-time answers. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to mundane automated menu loops that trap us when calling customer service.

Live chat creates a strong user experience giving you a new way to reach out to potential clients. Check out ReadyChat, a service providing live chat for real estate sites.


9. Automating Your Real Estate Marketing

Real estate agents must manage clients and prospects within a healthy pipeline to stimulate business growth. However, as a real estate agent, your time for these tasks may be limited.

Finding the time to generate and share content and following up with past clients challenges most real estate agents. Here are a couple of solutions.

SelectHub provides a comparison of the Top 10 Marketing Automation Platforms including ratings, prices, and free demos for 2019.

Woopra provides better descriptions for the same platforms mentioned above along with prices. Some start as low as $15 a month to $39 per month. In addition, Woopra recommends which platforms work best for a small business or next-generation automation.


10. Hire a Transaction Coordinator to Save You Time

Real estate agents marketing ideas for 2019 concludes with hiring a Transaction Coordinator to save you time.

Real estate transactions take up your time, energy, and throw complex situations at you causing unneeded stress.

Hiring a professional Transaction Coordinator (TC) company saves you time and reduces stress.

Let the TC handle all the paperwork, track down missing documents, and make sure all signatures and initials appear where they should be. From opening escrow to closing, using a TC helps to coordinate all the documents and tasks every party to a transaction must perform.

Contact Us to learn how we take all of the hassles that every transaction creates out of your hands.

Let us steer the transaction towards a successful closing so you can relax and wait for your commission check to arrive.

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